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Software platforms for content programs and custom creation

  • Tobii SymbolMate
    Create and print
    static AAC content.
    Requiered for paper
    based material and S32.
  • Tobii Communicator
    Create and run
    dynamic AAC content.
    Required for all content
    products listed below.

Communicator content packages for symbol-based communication

  • Sono Primo
    The interaction toolkit
    for emergent
  • Sono Flex
    Flexibility, structure
    and a growth path
    for preliterate AAC users.
  • Sono Lexis
    Highly structured
    vocabulary to gain
    independence in
  • LiterAACy
    Combine literacy
    learning with
    effective symbol

Communicator content packages for literate AAC users

  • Sono Key
    and PC access
    with a unified user
  • Sono Scribe
    Text communication
    with core words
    and extensive
    phrase banks.